• How To Register Logging in a Prism 8 WPF App

    Logging is an essential part of almost every application. However, when writing a PRISM app for WPF, it’s hard to find documentation on how to exactly register logging with your IoC Container. In this post we will add logging (using Serilog and Microsoft Logging Abstractions) to either DryIoC or Unity. This approach will work from PRISM 7 upwards.

  • Why You Should Use .Equals in C#

    The Problem

    By default, up to now I always used == to compare Objects and ValueTypes in C#. But this has led to some serious issues in my last project.

  • How I created my first coding blog

    The Initial Situation

    So I decided that I want to write a tech blog. I thought it might be a good idea to document some of the things I stumble upon in my day job and maybe have people comment on them so that I may even do stuff better in the future. So all I need is a blog, where I can share all my extremely important insights. But how do I start?

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